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AccountsDesk is developed and maintained by Adroit Software Ltd

About Us

AccountsDesk is a SAAS accounting product by Adroit Software Ltd. Adroit Software Ltd is a privately owned company based in London. We started our operations in 2010 and are primarily focused on serving the needs of small and mid-sized organizations. Our team includes passionate, knowledgeable technology professionals who proactively reach out to deliver results to our customers. We are driven by a desire to see our customers gain confidence and peace-of-mind for their applications.

We are computer geeks who understand business. We have been creating value for our customers by providing flexible, scalable, customized web solutions that help their businesses generate incremental sales, save time and increase their overall efficiency. We have helped companies in improving their business processes by optimizing their business systems.

We offer solutions that fulfill your business requirements. By having the knowledge, experience and required certification to understand your business needs, we are able to devise a solution tailored to your specific business needs.






Get Some Help

We are able to help your business in the following ways. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Accounting Tools

We can help build software to make accounting easy for you. Automate mundane acccounting / bookkeeping tasks, scan/parse emails and create bookkeeping entries, invoices etc, integrate with existing systems.

Mobile App

We can build mobile apps for your business.

Business Applications

We can build business applications to suit your business process and workflow like - ecommerce shops, sales management, order management, invoice management, CRM, reporting etc.