Digital VAT Submission

You can submit your VAT return digitally to HRMC's making tax digital gateway with a single click from your MTD VAT dashboard.

Go to MTD VAT dashboard to know more details about the VAT dashboard.

How to do a digital VAT submission

In your MTD VAT dashboard area, go to the top section on the page which lists the VAT obligations as below.

You will have a "SUBMIT VAT RETURN" button for each outstanding VAT obligation.

Assuming that you have successfully mapped the data from your excel spreadsheet to this VAT obligation, click on the "SUBMIT VAT RETURN" button.

Go to MTD VAT excel spreadsheet bridging to know more details about how to use the bridging feature to map the data in the excel spreadsheet cells to the VAT returns 1 - 9 boxes.

Clicking on the button which show a popup as show below.

You will see that the data from the excel spreadsheet that you have mapped is populated with the digital link and ready for your review and submission.

You will not be able to update the fields in the popup. If there are any issues you noticed in the data or if the popup shows error message about the data being submitted, you will have to go back to source excel spreadsheet, make the updates, upload and remap the fields.


Make sure you delete the old spreadsheet from the system. You should not have two spreadsheets for the same VAT obligation period.


Click on the "SUBMIT" button to submit this VAT return digitally to HRMC's making tax digital gateway.

You will receive a response from HRMC in real time about your submission to tell you if your submission was successfully received or if there were any errors in the submission.

After a successful submission you can delete the related excel spreadsheet from the system if you do not want to keep a copy online or leave it on the system as part of the digital record keeping initiative of HMRC's making tax digital.